This nice solable quest starts in The Elddar Forest and is relatively easy to complete. As a reward you receive this waist item:


The Elddar Forest can be found off the Ruins of Takish-Hiz. Takish-Hiz can be found in South Ro, around loc 2724, -364 and looks like a black cave. Once in Takish-Hiz, find the zone in to The Elddar Forest by moving straight ahead from the zone in. The loc of the zone is roughly 103 -177 and looks like a round stone circle with a sandstorm above it. Invis yourself (fixed camoflage preferably) and click on the circle to enter The Elddar Forest.

Once in the forest, track Speaker Grayleaf:

elddar forest grayleaf

The area near to Speaker Grayleaf seems fairly safe to drop camoflage. Hail Grayleaf.

Speaker Grayleaf says 'A [curse] is settling in on these woods. Nothing can be done to stop this.'

You say, 'curse'

Speaker Grayleaf says 'Although it has not yet come to pass, I have heard of this curse whispered by the wind and the river. Our roots are too deep to leave. I understand you are from another time? Maybe you will be able to give our spirits [rest] after these woods are enveloped by sand.'

You say, 'rest'

Select task "Tree Heaven"

Speaker Grayleaf says 'Good luck, Player. Here is what must be done.'

You receive: Pouch of Treant Spirit Seeds

Deliver the Ancient Treant Spirit Seeds to the Dryad of Tunare in the Plane of Growth. Now before you head to The Plane of Growth, make sure you have a gate potion as the only way out is by port or gate.  Your faction with Tunare needs to be reasonable to be safe in the zone, so unless you have been a bad ranger, you should be okay there. The easiest way to get to the Plane of Growth is to get a port to the Wakening Land. Alternatively travel through Great Divide, Eastern Wastes, Invis through Kael Drakkel and then go to the Wakening Land. The Plane of Growth zone in is in the centre of the zone.

Once in The Plane of Growth, search the map for the Tree of Tunare (huge tree) or track Dryad of Tunare, who can be found half way up the tree.

Upon handing in the seeds:

The dryad asks, 'What are these? By Tunare! The spirits of the ancient grove have returned at last. Bless you, traveler.'
You have been given: Belt of the Rainmakers.

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