How to Make Everquest Platinum

Foraging/Brewing Guide

The best tradeskill for a ranger is brewing, in my opinion. Combined with our high level forage ability, we can forage items for free and combine them to make a very decent profit. This would also apply to druids and bards who can also get foraging up to a decent skill level.

My first guide is available via the link below, which is completely legal - you just need to put some work into it initially:

Saffron's Everquest Forage and Brewing Guide v1.1

Loot Drop and Foraging Guide

My second guide gives information on decent mob drops that you can sell in The Bazaar and directly to NPC Vendors. It also includes popular foraged items that other players use for their tradeskills, which you can also sell in The Bazaar.

To find out more about The Bazaar click here

Saffron's Loot and Forage Guide

PS - Although the google adverts above offer quick cash solutions, they violate the SOE EULA, so use at your own risk. The guides I offer are legal and free!

Item and Pricing Links

If you want to find more about the items I have listed in my guides, click on the Allakhazam Item Link. For further information on prices, click on the EQEcon link.

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